Becoming a Member

Recruits can apply to our AmeriCorps program in one of two ways, through our Traditional and our ‘A-Team’ programs. Traditional members can serve at one affiliate as Volunteer Coordinators, Construction Assistants, Family Services Coordinators/Liaisons, and/or to complete special projects. ‘A-Team’ members serve as a team as construction assistants and volunteer coordinators. These members are based at a main host site but also travel 1-2 weeks at a time for a build or special project.

Whether you serve as an ‘A-Team’ member or Traditional member, AmeriCorps and service in the Habitat for Humanity of Indiana program can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Habitat for Humanity of Indiana’s AmeriCorps program is a commitment to service where we ask that members complete between 450-1700 hours of service as well as their affiliate’s expectations from their start date until the following August 31st.

Members apply directly to the AmeriCorps Program Director or to their host site of choice. In either situation, recruits are prescreened by the Program Director with a primary phone interview and, if approved, receive a second interview with the host site affiliate(s). Applicants are matched with position types and host sites based on the skills they convey in their application and phone interview as well as the needs of the affiliates.

If you would like to apply for a position with us, please click the link here: Application or by emailing the Program Director at

Habitat for Humanity of Indiana AmeriCorps Benefits (Full-Time):
     $12,530 Living Stipend (About $1000/month)
     Health Care
     Child Care
     Loan Forbearance
     $5,730 Education Award (upon successful completion of service)

Habitat for Humanity of Indiana AmeriCorps Benefits (Half-Time):
     $6,280 Living Stipend
     Health Care
     $2,865 Education Award (upon successful completion of service)

For more information contact the Program Director, Beth Resler, at 317-454-8090 or for more information on future positions.

HabiCorps, Habitat for Humanity, and AmeriCorps do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, national origin, color, political affiliation, religion, age, or disability. Reasonable accommodations may be provided upon request.

If you have any questions about AmeriCorps or the positions that are currently available, please contact the program director, Beth Resler at or (317) 454-8090.