What We Do


State Support Organization Priorities

All State Support Organizations or SSO's are tasked with 4 pillars from Habitat for Humanity International. Those pillars are Resource Development, Training/Technical Assistance, Disaster Recovery and Advocacy.

Habitat Indiana has programs and activities under each of these areas. The infographic on this page explains our role with in the Habitat system and below is an explanation of how we assist Indiana affiliates in each of these areas.

1. Resource Development: This can anything from state wide funding sources to human resources. We are here to assist with state wide resource development to build affiliate’s capacities.
Programs have included: The AmeriCorps program (human resources), State Wide Fundraising Initiatives, HOME grants and USDA funding.

2. Training/Technical Assistance: We assist affiliates with everyday Habitat issues big and small. We are a phone call away to discuss these problems and also set up more formal trainings for affiliates.
Programs include: Board retreats, strategic planning retreats, State Conference, Lobby Day, New Leadership Trainings for new Executive Directors, and Fundraising trainings.

3. Disaster Recovery: In this category, SSO's are tasked with assisting affiliates if a disaster strikers their area. If there is no affiliate in that area, we may lead the recovery efforts.

Projects completed: 2012 Henryville Blitz Build, we coordinated a 10 house blitz build recovery effort after the Henryville tornado disaster.

4. Advocacy: We monitor all state and federal legislation that may affect Habitat for Humanity's mission. We engage affiliates in large efforts to combat any issues as needed as well as partner with Habitat for Humanity International.
Activities include: Lobby day, Habitat on the Hill attendance, local advocacy efforts with affiliates and legislators as needed