State Conference

2016's State Conference was a success! A HUGE thank you to all who attended - we couldn't have done it without you! We hope you enjoyed networking with affiliates and friends and took away a wealth of helpful information.  

Here are some of the important partnerships we debuted:

Network for Good
Since 2001, Network for Good has processed over $1.4 billion dollars in donations for over 125,000 nonprofits. This program offers easy-to-use fundraising software to securely and efficiently raise thousands of donations each year using peer-to-peer fundraising through internet and mobile technology. Network for Good will help Indiana Habitat affiliates raise more money and reach more individual donors by allowing them to create their own donor campaigns and upgrade their website donation pages. For more information, please reach out to

First Merchants Partnership
With the increased regulatory requirements for servicing, it is very difficult for affiliates to continue servicing mortgages on their own. First Merchants has graciously agreed to provide a solution to this problem. Their experts can now service Habitat mortgages for Indiana affiliates at a cost of $5/mortgage/month. Outsourcing loan servicing is critical to protecting our brand and ensuring that we meet regulatory requirements. For more information, please reach out to or

Affiliate Website Log In
We have just rolled out a new website redesign. With this new redesign, we now have an affiliate login page. This eliminates our need for the dropbox account we previously used to host affiliate documents. There will be one login for all affiliates to use. Under the login page will be presentations from conference, mortgage documents, mortgage origination checklists, mortgage calculator spreadsheets, AmeriCorps forms, and marketing templates. This is a great new, easy resource for affiliates to get the information they need. Log in instructions will be distributed once 2016-17 dues are paid. 

2016 State Conference Program